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Arboretum, KLHK’s Educative and Shady City Forest

By Isny Dewi R

26 February 2020

Arboretum City Forest educates visitors by presenting information about the types of trees planted in this forest.

Do you know that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) has an urban forest in the middle of Jakarta's density? The city forest is named Arboretum Ir. Lukito Daryadi, M.Sc. This forest contains shady trees that make the atmosphere cooler. Not only that, Arboretum City Forest also educates visitors by presenting information about the types of trees planted in this forest.

Yes, in every tree of Arboretum City Forest there is information about the profile of the tree. The information is also made in a digital version where visitors can access it by scanning barcode on the tree.

Photo credit: Instagram @planter_forester

Reported from the official website of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the installation of the barcode has been carried out since 2018. The aim is to facilitate visitors, especially in terms of supporting educational activities, research, and public awareness.

There are around 110 types of plants from 52 species that inhabit this urban forest in Jakarta. The trees have even been planted since 1978, to coincide with the 8th World Forestry Congress. At that time, delegates from 96 countries and 15 international forestry institutions planted tree seeds that have now grown big in Arboretum forest.

Some types of plants that grow such as banyan, african mahogany, teak, bungur, ebony, lute, and many more. There are also kibut flowers (giant corpse flowers) from the forest in the Bukit Daun Protection Forest Management Unit, Bengkulu.

Photo credit: Instagram @arboreacafe

Arboretum city forest is more lively with the arrival of animals from the surrounding environment that are approaching naturally and some are coming from KLHK release program, such as Cucak Kutilang, Buffalo Starling, Pleci, Merbah Cerucuk, Tekukur, Kneeling, and Cotton Starling. The release aims to increase the number and diversity of bird species in nature and expand the population distribution in their natural habitat.

KLHK appealed for people who want to come to Arboretum city forest to always maintain the cleanliness and preservation of the forest. By not littering, don't pick fruit and flowers, don't step on the grass, and try to bring your own drinking bottles to reduce landfill.

Entrance to Arboretum area is free of charge. If you are satisfied to surround the KLHK's urban forest, you can stop by the Instagramable Arborea Cafe to unwind and fill your stomach.

Top photo credit: Instagram @kennytandiadi

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