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Are You a Marketer? Avoid These 5 Words!

Are You a Marketer? Avoid These 5 Words!


People do marketing so their products or brand will be better known by many people. But, if you are wrong on doing the marketing technique, people’s awareness to your brand can be bad. It can happen because of an incorrect use of words. According to Graham Robertson, President and CMO of Beloved Brands, at least there are 5 words that need to be avoided in marketing. Let’s find out in this article!

1. Relevant
When a marketer says, “We have to be relevant”, those words will have an ambiguous meaning because it’s overused in marketing world so it has a broad meaning and each one of them can be different. Although it was found a common thread between “relevant” and “good” words, doesn’t mean those two words have the same meaning. So, it’s better to avoid using this word.

2. Awareness
This word already has an absolute meaning. Because when doing a marketing technique, surely you are trying to get audience’s awareness. Because of that obvious reason, someone who overused awareness word is reckoned as a lazy one. So, use other words than awareness to be seen as more creative and can get more attention.

3. Market Target
You have to be more detail on determining your market target. Don’t just write age and type of work, but you have to combine demographic and psychographic such as age, sex, income level, behavior, to belief so you have a more focused target. It doesn’t rule out the possibility that you can also get more market other than your target.

4. Benefits
When doing marketing, your main goal is surely to sell. When people do the sales, there must be a specific targeted profit. Because it’s already too obvious, it is better for you to be more detail such as talking about rational and emotional profits. With that, your product will be more ‘touch’ the customers’ mind.

5. Brand
Now, there are many companies seem confused to differentiate marketing for “brand” and also for “product”. The fact is that both are totally different, where brand department supposed to handle public relation, brand advertising, website, and also event, while product department handles new product, pricing, distribution, and also advertisement that oriented in product and promotion. Both have their own ways and goals in doing marketing, so you have to differentiate it to make your marketing technique wider and more focused.