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Areas to Conduct New Normal in Indonesia

By Eskanisa R

15 June 2020

Areas have the opportunity to run new normal scheme due COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Photo source: Pixabay
In spite of the fact that number of positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has not decreased, the government begun implementing new normal scheme in many sectors. People are started run their errands outside.
While implementing new normal scheme, people are still required to follow standard health protocol including wearing mask, practicing physical distancing include avoiding crowd wherever place you stay to prevent spreading of COVID-19 as well as wash your hands frequently.
Referring to data from the Ministry of National Development Planning Republic of Indonesia (PPN/Bappenas) released at the beginning of June, there are some areas are considered to run new normal scheme based on the transmission index or the effective reproduction rate of COVID-19 under 1 (zero transmission) including:
West Sumatra
Riau Island
North Kalimantan
Central Sulawesi
East Nusa Tenggara
While referring to data from the Ministry of State Secretariat of Republic Indonesia which also release at the beginning of June, areas are considered to run new normal scheme including:
West Java
West Sumatra
South Tangerang
Hence, people need to be more discipline due to this new phase of COVID-19, yet still wearing mask while running errands outside home, reduce close contact between people, and washing hands properly to help flatten the COVID-19 curve in Indonesia.

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