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Arts and Illustration Bazaar in Art Market Jakarta 8

By Isny Dewi R

08 December 2017

Art Market Jakarta 8 will show more original arts, limited prints, and art merchandise which made by visual artists and best Indonesian ilustrators.

Catalyst Arts again to presents Art Market Jakarta. The arts and illustration bazaar will be held on December 8-10, 2017 at Kuningan City Mall, South Jakarta. This time is the 8th Art Market.

Art Market Jakarta 8 will show more original arts, limited prints, and art merchandise which made by visual artists and best Indonesian ilustrators. This year, Art Market will be focus on art bazaar which will be an area for artists to tell their inspirational stories behind their arts.

With hashtag #bikinpakaihati, Art Market Jakarta try to submit a message to visitors, that artists hope their artwork can be liked by so many people.

Starts today, there is also an Affordable Artist Art Fair area where you can found artworks from Indonesian artists, like Diela Maharanie, Resatio Adi, Rukmanul Hakim, Elfandiary, Martcellia Liunic, Irene Saputra, Ika Vantiani, and other artists where you can get their original artworks.

At Live Collage and Exhibition: Dissarrangement, Resatio Adi will collaborate with other 7 artists in the live making of collage.

This year, Art Market Jakarta will be more attractive, because they also work wiith PIBO, a publisher and marketplace for kids books which can be seen at Kids Corner.

Other artists like Studio Tomodachi, Brombie Lab, Nrshimha, Obie, Heimlo, bits and bobs, Maskrib, Hipme, and Kayu Manis also can be found here.

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