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See Jakarta Through the Hologram Show in Monas

By Isny Dewi R

25 Jul 2019

Jakarta administration hold a hologram exhibition at National History Museum in Monas.

Since Tuesday, 23 July, 2019, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government hold a hologram exhibition at the National History Museum in Monas, Central Jakarta. The exhibition is part of the Monas Week 2019. The show which is open for public will e held until 31 July 2019.

The hologram exhibition is displayed on a transparent installation measuring 4x6 meters made from Holo screen. Later, the screen will capture the light from two projectors with the cross projector technique.

For nine days, there will be six hologram shows for 25 minutes every day, except Monday because Monas is closed. The show schedules are 11.00 - 11.25, 13.00 - 13.25, 15.00 - 15.25, 16.00 - 16.25, 17.00 - 17.25 and 19.00 - 19.25 WIB.

The show explains the history of Jakarta from prehistory, pre-colonialism, colonialism, independence, to post-independence. The show is packed full of color and graphic and giving you some explanations. The show is also assisted by modern technology and is still rarely found in Indonesia.

Monas Week itself had previously been held last year in order to enliven Asian Games 2018. Last year, Monas Week spoiled its visitors with video mapping show. The plan, Monas Week will be held three times along this year. The hologram exhibition for this July, a lighting show in August, and video mapping in December.


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