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Fun Play at Dunia Air Tawar TMII

By Eskanisa R

21 Feb 2019

Enjoy thousands freshwater fishes at Dunia Air Tawar TMII.

When was last time you visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah? It might be a long time ago, right? This perfect weekend destination in East Jakarta offers a wide array of recreational facilities suit for you and family, just like Dunia Air Tawar.


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Dunia Air Tawar is an ideal recreational spot to know various types of freshwater fishes in Indonesia. Can you mention type of freshwater fishes? Yes, there are Pufferfish, Koi fish, Arowana fish, Jambal fish and other types of fishes you might be unfamiliar, including Tampah fish, Chopstick fish, Elephant fish and Ghost fish.


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Dunia Air Tawar also known as largest freshwater biota park in Asia. It is not surprising you can find 6,000 fishes from 126 different species here. Because of the extensive area of Dunia Air Tawar, you are highly recommended to bring stroller while strolling around with your little one.


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Through a long corridor, in a room with high ceiling, you can see artificial waterfalls and rivers also ponds. If you are lucky enough, you can see a show where officer feed Koi fish in the pond. In the same area, you can also see museum, library, auditorium, reptile corners and quarantine rooms to accommodate fishes to sell.

Dunia Air Tawar also provides with other entertaining facilities, fish spa and 3D Cinema. In a 12 m2 pool full of fish, you can soak your feet into. Fishes help exfoliate your dead skin so your feet smoother than ever. To enjoy exciting things at Dunia Air Tawar you can spend for Rp30.000 per person (exclude TMII entrance ticket) to gain your knowledge about freshwater fishes.


Dunia Air Tawar
Jl. Raya Taman Mini, Jakarta Timur

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