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Enjoy Spanish Food at the Heights

Enjoy Spanish Food at the Heights

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Do you have no idea where to eat after work? Then, you should go to Atico by Javanegra! This stunning rooftop restaurant serves a wide array of Spanish food.

Atico occupies quite a spacious space with one private dining section and a rooftop area where you can sit back and have a good time after work. They also occupy thin marble tables, and still include the earthy homey vibe.

For smoking guests or if you are just in the mood to sit outside in touch with the open air, there's this fresh area and because they are located at the rooftop, it's tall enough for you to see the Mega Kuningan neighborhood, the view is good enough when it is a sunny day.

And what about the food? What should we choose here? Check In Jakarta recommend you to try Pollo Asado (Rp 150.000). Contains half portion of Andalusian roasted chicken. The chicken is so beautifully cooked that the meat is soft and tender along with the semi-crispy skin, it is also the homemade savory sauce that really elevated the flavor, it is just so tasty & complemented the chicken very nicely. There are also pieces of baby potato, garlic, cherry tomato, rosemary and herbs dressing chicken.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/aticobyjavanegra

Satisfied by Pollo Asado, now the time for dessert. Dates Pudding (Rp 55.000) could be your perfect dessert. Like its name, this hot pudding made from dates.

For coffee lovers, you should try Cortado (Rp 30.000). This Spanish macchiato has bitter taste with a bit of acid taste. Cortado served with a cookie.

Or for chocolate lovers, Cold Belgian Chocolate (Rp 60.000) is the best choice for you. Using Belgian chocolate, it has sweet light and strong chocolate. Atico is definitely one of the best fine-dining restaurants, food wise, place wise, service wise all terrific.


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