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Atmos Official Store Now Can be Found at Plaza Indonesia

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10, February 2020

Famous streetwear and sneakers retail from Tokyo, Atmos, is officially present in Indonesia. Sneakers and streetwear lovers in Indonesia no longer need to go all the way to Tokyo to bring Atmos rare sneakers. Just come to the official shop at Plaza Indonesia in Central Jakarta, which was officially opened since January 31, 2020.

The presence of the first Atmos flagship store in Indonesia is thanks to the collaboration of two big lifestyle groups in Indonesia, The 707 Company and MRA Group. The purpose of Atmos in Indonesia is to strengthen sneakers culture in Indonesia.

"Along with the rapid development of sneakers market in Indonesia, Atmos is expected to be able to build sneakers culture in Indonesia. Certainly working with various brands and retails that already exist. In line with Atmos's own goal of making sneakers, it can be used by anyone and anywhere, "explained Marcel Lukman, President Director of Atmos Indonesia.

Atmos' first official store is designed according to Atmos characteristics around the world that combined white and blue colors that became their DNA store. But the difference is the premium material and adapted to local elements that can only be found in Atmos stores.

Especially for VIP customers in Indonesia, Atmos flagship store provides VIP shopping space with special services. Various brands that you can get here for limited edition include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Vans, and other brands.

Photo Credit: Instagram @plazaindonesia

The development of sneakers lovers is rapidly changing, from those who buy sneakers only to be collected, to exhibited. This phenomenon became the background for the founding of Atmos in 2000 by Hidefumi Hommyo. It started by setting up a small retail shop on Ura-Harajuku Street in Tokyo.

Along with the development of lifestyle, Atmos expanded its scope by starting to opened its stores in Osaka, Seoul, and even New York. In 2018, Atmos opened their first international flagship store in Southeast Asia region, precisely in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sneakers and streetwear lovers know Atmos through a variety of spectacular collaborations by Hirofumi Kojima or better known as Koji, Atmos's creative director, along with several well-known brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and Asics Tiger. His work is very diverse, ranging from those inspired by animals such as elephant, to cartoon characters such as Doraemon.

Atmos is growing rapidly in collaboration with several well-known brands with spectacular and limited design. One of Atmos's phenomenal achievement records was Nike Air Max 1 Safari sneakers, a collaboration with Nike. To re-create a phenomenal collaboration, Atmos plans to create exclusive Atmos toys with one of Indonesia's most famous mural artists, Darbotz.

Going forward, it is hoped that this limited design collaboration can shape sneakers culture in Indonesia while enlivening the world streetwear market.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @plazaindonesia

Instagram: @atmos_id

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.