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Atozpay Digital Payment Now Available in Indonesia

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
16, September 2019

Starting in early September, the Atozpay digital payment application was officially launched in Indonesia. This app is a product of financial technology (fintech) company PT Weyland Indonesia Perkasa. In providing an electronic payment system for Atozpay, Weyland Indonesia Perkasa is collaborating with PT Finnet Indonesia, a multi-source payment fund gateway which is also the development of biller PPOB from Telkom Group.

Atozpay is determined to be one of the best digital financial transaction solutions in Indonesia to support cashless society program. Previously, Weyland Indonesia Perkasa has launched a close loop distribution app, Atozpay Agent for merchants who are members of Atozpay agents for credit sales, bill payments and online travel ticket purchases. As many as 30,000 agents and 10,000 merchants have used this app.

Atozpay comes as one of the best solutions to help non-cash payments and digital economy in Indonesia, ranging from the upper middle class to the most important middle to lower, because many customers and small businesses are still untouched by digital payments.

Meanwhile, according to PT Finnet Indonesia's President Director Paulus Djatmiko, this cooperation is expected to accelerate financial inclusion services in target market. The hope, Atozpay can help the expansion of Finnet services, thereby creating new opportunities and benefits for both parties in line with positive impact for community.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.