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Avoid These 6 Bad Marketing Habits!

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11, May 2016

It is already the middle of 2016. Do you still feel like your marketing strategy does not give a significant effect? Maybe there is a mistake on the technique. Turns out, there are 6 bad marketing habits that will give you no result. Check this out!

1. Too Much Talking About Yourself
Check on your site, how many sentences using first person viewpoint (I, we, etc)? Try to avoid using too much of these words and start to use the customer’s point of view. The first thing you can do is rephrasing the words on your site and try to position your company as the customer. So you can know what the customers would like to read when visiting your site.

2. Too Much “Selling”
Do you know that actually the customers who visit site to buy product are not exactly ready to buy it? Yup, based on research, customers will go through the 70% of buying process before finally deciding to ask the seller. Why? Because there is a bit of dignity in customer’s mind when they are offered with a product. So, no need to hurry to offer your product, instead always be standby when customer wants to contact you. Focus on the “Contact Us” or “Sign Up Now” button that can be accessed by the customer’s own will.

3. Give Spam
If you still do marketing technique by blasting email to all of your customers, stop it. Because this thing annoys your customer and can lead you to receive a report as a spam email. If many customers do this, you can be on the black list and it will be harder for you to get customer. The thing you can do is to make the customer sign up to newsletter that you can promote through social media. So you don’t have to blast e-mail anymore.

4. Too Much Concern on “Like” and “Follow”
If you are too concern on how many likes and followers of your product’s social media, it’s time for you to stop. Because the success of a product does not only depend on those two. Do you know that there are already a lot of follower sellers now? Well, you probably don’t want people to judge you to have many fake followers, right? So the thing you can do is inviting your followers to visit your site. It can be done by giving informative article, making quiz with interesting prize, discount coupon, and many other. Make it as interesting as you can, so you will not only have many followers, but also a lot of site visitors.

5. Have Many Image Sliders
If you have many image sliders on your site, it’s time to change your site layout. Because image slider can distract your visitor’s attention because of the too much images they should see. Moreover, if each image has long duration. It’s better to have a stay still image so the information can straightly touch the audience’s mind.

6. Have Too Many Sites
Besides will make you need a lot of money and time to take care of the sites, having more than one site can lower the rank on search engine and also confuse your customer. It’s better to have just one site and focus on it.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina