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Avoid These 9 Behaviors to Look Smart!

Avoid These 9 Behaviors to Look Smart!


There are some behaviors that we do that unconsciously become a habit. Maybe we don’t feel it as a bad habit, but apparently it is and it can change other people’s perception about us. Based on Business Insider, there are 9 behaviors that you better avoid in order to make you look smart. Check it out!

1. Holding an Alcoholic Beverage
A study found that someone who holds an alcoholic beverage in a photo is seen as less smart than someone who holds a glass of water. So, you better put down your beer bottle or cocktail glass first before taking photos with your friends.

2. Using Exaggerate Words
A group of researchers compares between the writings with complex words and long sentence and the writings in shorter sentence. The result, respondent chose the writer who wrote in shorter words because it looks smarter. So, avoid using complex words so readers can understand your writings better.

3. Using a Wrong Phrase
Sometimes people use wrong phrase on their speech. But it can give a different meaning with what they exactly mean. So you better avoid using a phrase if you don’t know exactly the meaning.

4. Walking Too Slow or Too Fast
When walking with your friend or coworker, make sure you walk in a same rhythm with them. A research concludes that someone who is walking too slow or too fast is the incompetent one.

5. Avoid Eye Contact
When we are nervous, sometimes we avoid making eye contact or see other sides when talking with other person. But do you know that this is a bad thing because you will be seen as an ignorant one and other person can even distrust you because they think you are lying. With making eye contact when talking, they will find you smart because you are confident with what you are talking.

6. Swearing at the Office
Besides it is not polite, swearing at the office is a bad thing because your coworker or even your boss can find you less smart. Better to keep the swearing words on your mind when you are stressed.

7. Frowning
Frowning will make your face look grumpy and unfriendly. Having a smiling face will make you look smarter and friendlier. Beside, over frowning can make wrinkles on your face!

8. Speaking in Monotone Tone
When talking, we need to make a certain note as a part of expression. So, when you talk in monotone tone, people will find you as less excited. Moreover, if that occurs when you present something. Use the appropriate tone with your sentence.

9. Doubt to Ask for an Opinion
Don’t ever doubt to ask for other people’s opinion. Because study found that someone who tends to ask for the coworker’s opinion will make the person look more competent. So, don’t be afraid to ask!