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Avoid These Things When Traveling with Friends

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28, June 2019

Traveling can be one way to get to know your real friend's character. Even though it is far better if we are honest about ourselves and let our original character come out, but by traveling with friends, you can maintain your attitude so you will not be an annoying partner. Likewise with your friends, at least, traveling can be one way to be able to manage your personal ego together. But how? There are several things that must be avoided, so that your friendship will be lasting.

1. Complaining Often
If you or your friends often complain, it will make the mood of traveling messy. A trip that should be fun turns annoying because there is one person who constantly complains. In order for this to not happen, you and your friends must survey first, what kind of terrain will be passed. This is important so that no one is shocked and complains when they find out that the terrain is quite difficult.

You and your friends also have to prepare physical condition as best as possible before traveling. So that your body does not suddenly drop, when it arrives at a destination that may be different from the weather in the city where you live. If your body is not fit, you are vulnerable to complaining and it will certainly make your friends troublesome.

2. Lie
No one wants to be lied to, especially when traveling. Don't try to lie especially when it comes to physical abilities and your traveling experience. For example, you say you have no health problems or history, so your friends are willing to invite you to travel to a place that is actually quite dangerous for you.

Sometimes your friends ask you this question not only to consider you deserve to be invited or not. But the question also aims so that they know what to anticipate if they will invite you. If you are not honest from the start, your trip will be dangerous, and certainly not pleasant.

3. Late
Not only when traveling, actually in any case try to come on time. Make friends wait, especially too long, of course, will make them annoyed. Especially if it's related to the transportation schedule that will be used. Missing the train or flight because you late, of course your friends will immediately be upset with you.

4. Selfish
Traveling can make your friendship dissolve or even more tightly. The key is how each manages their selfishness. Even this can cause death. For example, when climbing a mountain, if there is a friend who is suddenly sick in the middle of the journey, do not let you leave just because you are obsessed with getting to the top. There are quite a number of cases of climbers missing or dying because left by friends who selfishly want to arrive at the summit immediately.

5. Stingy
It's stingy here both about money and stuff. For most people, money is a sensitive matter. Try to compromise and discuss how financial arrangements are shared before starting traveling. Do not let anyone feel like someone is always spend money. For stuff, sharing the use of stuff is also needed to summarize luggage. You and your friends can discuss at the beginning, which items can be used together, which ones should be taken each.

6. Too dependent
Interdependence when traveling is certainly nothing wrong. But don't let you depend on any business. Being independent is also very necessary, so you will not always bother your friends.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.