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Aware of These 3 Things Before Mudik

Aware of These 3 Things Before Mudik


Do you have a plan to mudik (homecoming) with your personal car? Then, don’t forget to check your car before you use it for going through long trip to your hometown. You must be don’t want your mudik trip hampered because something bad happens to your car. Quoted from liputan6, there are a few things you should aware of if you want to keep your trip well.

1. Before You Go
Do car tune up to make sure your car machine is in good condition. Also check your machine oil and transmission, radiator, AC freon, windshield wiper, break fluid, and power steering fluid. Tires condition, include spare tire should be your attention, too. Also make sure for emergency equipments, such as jack, is on the right place in your car and can be used well. Do the same thing for automatic car, both for conventional automatic car or car with CVT transmission.

2. On the Way
Safety driving is a must! Use new alternative way. You can also use digital maps application to help you find the best route and avoid you stuck in the traffic jam.

if you choose toll road, make sure your electronic money card have enough balance. Bring at least two cards as an anticipate when the other card is broke, lose, or not have enough balance.

It is important too to make sure your gas tank is in full condition, especially if you choose toll road with a long route. Save emergency phone number to help you when something bad happens on the road.

3. After Mudik
When you are back from mudik you can’t just leave your car at the garage. The dirt is your major enemy and you should clean it immediately.

Clean all outside the car with no exception. Including under the car which is almost forgotten to clean. Check again technical component of your car such as wheels, lamps, legs, and machine room area. Also check is you car have a dent or not, if it is have, you should fix it immediately!

For the inside, clean out all cabin area. Especially for you who bring kids and they often eat in the car. Crumbles of the food can invite animals to your car like ants, even rats. Plus, smells bad from those crumbles.

You should also check your car odometer. It can be your car has enter into replacement time of machine oil or transmission after have long trip.