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B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic, Your Solution for Best Facial and Body Treatment

By Isny Dewi R

06 March 2020

B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic offers a unique and different laser rejuvenation treatment.

Are you getting annoyed with black spots on your face that won't go away? Then you should try the treatment from B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic. This beauty clinic has a unique and different laser rejuvenation treatment. Want to know what? Check out the review below!

Laser Rejuvenation treatment at B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic uses carbon cream and laser that can stimulate collagen to brighten your skin, control sebum to provide suppleness to your skin.

Laser Rejuvenation treatment starts with cleansing your face firstand full-blooded relaxation. After that, the therapist will apply carbon cream from charcoal to your face. The next process will be taken over by the doctor to shoot the laser.

Photo credit: Instagram @bclinicslimming

When the laser shooting process into your face, you will feel a little sore on your face, but not too much. If it still feels comfortable for you, laser waves will be added to get the maximum result.

After the treatment is over, your face will be smoother and look cleaner, the pores also appear smaller, thus giving a brighter effect on your face. For those who are interested in doing Laser Rejuvenation treatment, this beauty clinic in Kemang charges at Rp. 499 thousand.

Besides Laser Rejuvenation, there are still many other facial treatments at B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic, including HIFU. This treatment uses HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method that can overcome skin aging problems such as smile lines, wrinkles, double chin, and other problems that can last for 6 to 12 months. In addition, HIFU can also be an alternative to having a V shape on you face without planting threads.

Photo credit: Instagram @bclinicslimming

As the name implies, this beauty clinic also offers slimming treatment, one of which is Cavi Dual. This treatment can help reduce fat, body circumference, and eliminate cellulite by using ultrasound waves.

Top photo credit: Instagram @bclinicslimming

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