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New York in a Loaf of Bread

New York in a Loaf of Bread

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When you watch a movie or TV series that took New York as their background, you might catch a character enjoying a bagel with a cup of coffee in the morning. If you want to try this fist-sized bread, try visiting Bagel Bagel.

You can tell by its name, this place has bagel as their signature product. The professional bread maker in Bagel Bagel made the products homemade to give the best quality.

This crispy outside and moist inside bagel is offered in various sizes and fillings, such as plain, chocolate, cheese, Nutella, tuna, salmon, and chicken. Besides its high-quality taste, those bagels can also be stored longer, until 5-7 days. To be able to last longer, you have to wrap it tightly in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge.


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