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Baking Tools that Every Beginner Should Have

By Isny Dewi R

09 July 2020

Five tools you should have if you want to start baking at home.

Photo source: Pixabay
Are you among those who like to baking during stay at home? Or are you just want to start baking at home? If so, make sure you have these five baking tools first.
1. Oven
Although there are some cakes that can be made without using an oven, most cakes are made by baking them in the oven. There are two types of ovens that are popular in Indonesia, stove oven and electric oven. Choose the one that suits to your need and budget.
2. Hand Whisk
This one tool is used to process or whisk a light mixture such as egg whites. If you want to buy a hand whisk, choose the one that has a lot of wire braid so that more incoming air, to produce the best batter. Also choose hand whisk made of stainless steel so it is not easy to rust. In addition to whisk egg whites, hand whisk can also be used to mix various dry ingredients.
3. Mixer
Basically the benefits of a mixer are to speed up and simplify the process of stirring the batter, so that it is not too essential. So, if you want to buy a mixer, buy the one that is affordable to your budget, no need to be so expensive. Especially at this time there are many good mixers priced below Rp 500 thousand.
4. Baking Pan
Baking pan becomes one of the important tools in the process of baking, because it is used as a place for putting your dough. You can buy a standard-shaped baking pan such as round or square. As for the size, you can adjust it to your oven size.
5. Baking Scale
In order to make the best cake, high accuracy is needed in measuring ingredients. Therefore, baking scale become one of the important tools for those who want to baking. In addition, there are also some ingredients that are difficult to be accurate if only weighed by guessing. You can buy digital baking scale to get more accurate results.

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