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Balkot Farm, an Urban Farming Pilot in Jakarta

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11, September 2019

Farming in downtown Jakarta? Is it possible? Of course it is, Balkot Farm is the proof! The garden, which was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan in early August, is located in Jakarta City Hall area. Balkot Farm (Balai Kota Farm) is a place for vertical crop cultivation using a hydroponic system that utilizes narrow land in urban areas.

This garden is the result of collaboration between several agencies in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, such as Diskominfotik, DKPKP, General Bureau, DKI Health Service, and also Bank DKI. "Thank God, we are very grateful. Right now, we at the City Hall have a garden. The size is not big, but the impact is big," Anies said at the inauguration of Balkot Farm. According to him, although the Jakarta area is narrow enough to be used as agricultural or plantation area, it doesn’t mean that agriculture and plantation activities can’t be done.

Balkot Farm is also used as a pilot of technology-based urban plant cultivation because it contains information b that can be obtained using  QR Code. The QR Code will be linked to the site which contains information about the types of plants and their benefits. Through digital information technology, Anies hopes many millennials in Jakarta will be interested in implementing Urban Farming.

Photo Source: Instagram @dinkesdki

Anies also appealed to Jakartans to utilize open area for vertical farming activities. Moreover, cultivated plants are not only beneficial for preserving the environment, but also useful for preventing disease through herbal plants and consumption of protein-rich vegetables.

Balkot Farm is a model of urban farming that contains a variety of plants, ranging from vegetables, herbs and ornamental flowers. This urban farming movement will be disseminated throughout Jakarta in collaboration with the Youth Organization, PKK Mobilizer Team, and the City Farmer Pioneer Team.

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Top Photo Source: Instagram @dinkesdki

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.