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Bar & Ber, Favorite Beer Joint in East Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

09 Aug 2019

Bar & Ber, favorite beer joint in East Jakarta.

Hanging out and sipping your favorite beer with friends? Bar & Ber should be your ideal place to go specially for those who live and work in East Jakarta and around. Walking to the main door, glass of windows, wooden chairs and tables complete the room. There is also small yet simple stage with instruments ready to pamper your ear while sipping your cold beer.


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Besides beer, here you can also taste tasty light-bites, Western to the Asian ones. While waiting for your friends coming, you can try Chicken Wings or Calamari Rings as the perfect appetizers. Next to the main courses, you should try Hot Tune Spaghetti, Sirloin Steak, Seafood Fried Rice or Hawaiian Pizza, perfect for sharing with others.

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You can also enjoy house band or DJ performances while sipping your other bottles of beer. Bar & Ber ready to make your unwind day more fun with exciting events you should not miss. Not surprisingly, Bar & Ber becomes one of favorite beer joints in East Jakarta you should visit.


Bar & Ber
Jalan Swadaya Raya No. 337, Kalimalang, Jakarta

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Phone: RSVP: 021 - 86607737