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Basuki Tjahaja Purnama - Jakarta’s Number One Man

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama - Jakarta’s Number One Man


Talking about Jakarta, it is a metropolitan city that is surely a hectic one. As the capital city of the country, Jakarta is the main destination for people from around Indonesia who seek for jobs. This made the condition of the city overly populated and needed to get tidied up. Many problems found in Jakarta such as never-ending traffic jams, flood, and urban planning problems. These are the things often complained by people who live in Jakarta. Until one day comes a leader who tries to get the things done in Jakarta. He is Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or known by the nickname, Ahok.

Since becoming the Vice Governor of Jokowi, Ahok had shown his achievement as a leader. When Jokowi went on to the chair of presidency, Ahok replaced his position as Governor of Jakarta. Ahok is well known as an honest leader due to the governmental financial transparency to the recorded and published meetings so the people could see. He was resisted because of his Chinese ethnic and non-Muslim religion but he carried on by showing his accomplishment and proving that he can be a trusted leader.

Ahok’s achievement can be seen from the cleaning of ‘wild houses’ by the riverbanks. But not just evicting them, he is also providing decent new places to stay for them in form of modest apartment. Then he restarted the massive transportation project MRT that had been pending for years. In the time of construction the traffic jams do increased but the effect will be felt when the construction is done and people can use the service. Ahok also hard on eradicate corruption. Even if his own subordinate acts dishonest, he does not hesitate to get him/her fired immediately. Ahok always act decisively on corruption, no wonder if he talks bluntly and frontal, because he thinks corruption can no longer be eradicated by means of well.