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Tender, Savory, Extraordinary!

Tender, Savory, Extraordinary!

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If you are an Indonesian food lover, this restaurant is a recommended one for lunch. Bebek Edan Cak Topa offers East Javanese signature duck that is cooked traditionally but served with modern touch. The duck dish you must try here is the Bebek Bakar Bumbu Rujak if you want grilled duck with refreshing rujak sauce. There are also Bebek Bakar Kecap, Bebek Goreng Sambel Ijo and Bebek Penyet for spicy food lover. They can also be replaced with chicken. For additional menu there are Tahu Telur, Tahu Petis, Tahu Goreng, or Tumis Kangkung. They also have chili condiments for extra hotness with Sambal Matang Rawit, Sambel Edan, Sambel Rajang, or Sambel Terong.

After the main course, you can close it with sweets such as Pisang Bakar Keju Karamel, Pisang Bakar Vanilla Ice Cream, Pisang Goreng Keju, Tape Goreng Crispy, or Fresh Fruits. It is located in strategic area, so Bebek Edan Cak Topa can be a great place for business meeting, family gathering or office event. Nice!


Jl. Cikajang No. 38, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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