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Become Pilot a Day with AirCrew Sensation

Become Pilot a Day with AirCrew Sensation


Have you ever heard about this unique destination for your next recreation? AirCrew Sensation, located in East Jakarta, offers you a flight simulation like the real pilot.

Basically, this activity was intended for a pilot after their graduate from aviation school before they are really get engage with top commercial aviation companies. In early 2017, this place opened for public, for everyone who interested in airplanes.

photo source: www.instagram.com/aircrewsensation/

Feel the excitement of flying Boeing like the real airplane pilot, here. Before you come to the cockpit area, you will learn some basic flight knowledge.

With many of the original parts, interior lighting, seating, flight controls and many original parts of Boeing, you can choose your own airport for take-off and landing, at least in 24.000 different airports worldwide. This simulation provided with the real situation pilot faces every single day. That is why you also provided with basic knowledge, how to deal emergency situations like bad weather, plane on fire and many more.

photo source: www.instagram.com/aircrewsensation/

AirCrew offers you a wide range prices depending on its duration, for example, feel the sensation of flying Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for 60 minute worth for Rp1.500.000 per person.

Find a curious? Want to try flying an airplane like the real pilot and feel the sensation? Please kindly check info and contact detail down below for further information about AirCrew Sensation.



Jl. Rawa Domba Kav 33, Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur