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Becoming a Plant Parent with L.O.F

By Eskanisa R

19 March 2020

L.O.F, home for quality indoor and outdoor plants.

Some of you may already familiar with term of plant parent. Plant parent itself is a term for those who love taking care of plants. In Jakarta, there are plenty plant shops, indoor plants pointedly like L.O.F which offering fresh plants stock every single day.


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Plants available at L.O.F come from their nursery. Sold plants that day will be replaced by new ones. That makes the atmosphere of this shop feel fresher every day. To ensure you comfortable spending a lot of time here, L.O.F also changes layout of its plants which also gives you Instagram-worthy ‘background’ to beautify your feeds.


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Then, if you are ready become plant parent, start with Pilea, plant with round flat leaves you can place either in a pot then put on a table or let it hanging. Hence this beautiful plant really love sun light, it is highly recommended to put it around window which not exposed directly with sun light because it leaves burn on its leaves. To ensure your Pilea grows well, you need to rotate the pot in the direction of the sun.


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Besides Pilea, there are also mini succulents, Philo Birkin, snake plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, String of Dolphin, Macodes Petola, Hypoestes and rare plant such as Conopythum and so forth. Are you interested become a parent of one of these beautiful plants? Come and visit L.O.F at Jalan Haji Junaedi No. 2A or 8 minute walk from MRT Station Cipete Raya. 



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