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A Fun Drinking Place for Jakartans

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08, March 2018

Another fun drinking place in Jakarta, Beer Hall. This place will indulge you with various selections of beer, wine, spirits, and many more. Beer Hall aspires to be a center of Jakarta’s refined drinking.

This place was truly built for your social experiences. With warehouse-inspired design, Beer Hall has space sits 260 with a standing room for around 1000 visitors.

Being strategically located in SCBD area, this nightlife is ideal for any urban dwelling beer and liquor aficionados. The relaxed and social atmosphere at Beer Hall makes it a good spot to mingle and unwind after work, considering that it open until late night.

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As its name implies, this establishment boasts an extensive and tightly curated list of alcoholic drinks. Particularly impressive are their cocktails on tap.

For a place that puts drinking as the priority, Beer Hall offers some appetising delicacies that can both compliment your drinking experience. Their Super Nachos and Salted Egg Chips are prime beer food material. For main menu, the Nasi Babi Garing Sambal Matah is a signature that will surely appease.

If you’re looking for a place that puts a premium on quality drinks, Beer Hall definitely worth checking.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.