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Here's How to Make E-Passport Online

By Isny Dewi R

27 Sep 2019

Steps to make e-passport online.

To be able to go abroad, Indonesians must have a passport. In Indonesia alone there are two types of passports, regular and electronic (e-passport) passports. There are several advantages possessed by an electronic passport, including biometric data such as fingerprint data and face detection that can be recognized by scanning. The owner also gets several benefits, one of which is visa-free holiday to several countries in Asia, such as Japan.

If you are interested in making E-Passport, now you no longer need to queue for hours at immigration, because you can make it online. Check out the steps below!

1. Prepare the Documents
To validate data, immigration requires several state documents, including a National Identity Card (KTP), Family Card (KK) and birth certificate. If you are an old passport user, you can immediately bring your passport to be replaced with an electronic passport, without having to wait for the expiration of the old passport period.

2. Register Online
You can download Passport Online app on your smartphone or visit website to register online. Enter your Population Registration Number (NIK), Date of Birth, Full Name, Username, Password, Email, Phone Number, Gender, and Address, then click Sign Up.

After that, you will receive an account confirmation email from the Directorate General of Immigration (, click on the link listed in the email to activate your account.

3. Fill in the Data
Log in to your account and select "Epaspor48h", then the page will address the registration date, time and number of applicants (Maximum 5 and must be your family). Then, you are required to enter the applicant's name and NIK.

4. Payment
After filling in the required data, will send an email according to the verified email in your account. The email contains a unique number that you can use for payment. For e-passport services the fee is set at Rp. 655,000 consisting of Rp. 600,000 for passport costs and Rp. 55,000 for Biometric IT services. After that, you will be given proof of payment containing the bank journal number.

5. Validation of Payment Proof
Open the email that was sent by immigration then select "Continue". The page will switch to bank payment confirmation. Fill in the unique number provided by the bank and you will get an email confirmation for your arrival date and travel form. Fill in the form with black ink.

6. Come to Immigration
Come according to the date, time and place that you have chosen by bringing the form and proof of payment. Don't forget to bring the document mentioned in point number one.

7. Completeness of Documents
After you are called, the clerk will direct you to one of the counters and check the completeness of your documents. If your documents are complete, the next step is to capture your fingerprint and picture by the officer. After the process is complete, you will be given a passport collection date.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @ditjen_imigrasi

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