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Behind The Success of Kompas Gramedia

Behind The Success of Kompas Gramedia


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For a long time, the name of Kompas Gramedia is already well-known. It’s no doubt since Kompas Gramedia is a big company with strong principle and consistency, started in 1963 until now. Running a media business is not that easy, even some products are no longer exist. But not with Kompas Gramedia, their consistency is proven by their vision and mission, such as moving in dynamic motion, guiding people’s way, and enlightening people.

Starting from Intisari magazine, followed by Kompas newspaper, Kompas Gramedia added their types of business slowly but surely. Now, you will not only find magazine and newspapers of Kompas Gramedia, but also books, publishing company, electronic and multimedia, education and training center, hotel and resort, and even manufactures. A list of well-known product names also started here, such as National Geographic Indonesia magazine, Gramedia Bookstore, Multimedia Nusantara University, Kompas TV, Santika Hotel, and Tessa tissue.

But all of those are nothing without the people behind Kompas Gramedia. That is what Kompas Gramedia always remembers, so rewarding the employees is a must. Based on that principle, they create the company culture with various communities for the employees, such as PORKA (Persatuan Olahraga Karyawan) for the employees who like sports, or Santy Swarma as choir community. Not only that, many social activities are also held by Kompas Gramedia as a symbol of devotion to Indonesian people, such as Balai Pengobatan Umum Gramedia and Rumah Kreasi where people can explore their arts and talents.


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