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 Behind the Success of Merry Riana

Behind the Success of Merry Riana

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Who does not know Merry Riana? A motivator and writer who already published several books entitled “A Gift from a Friend”, “Mimpi Sejuta Dollar”, and “Langkah Sejuta Suluh”. Recently, her story is made into a film played by Chelsea Islan. Yes, the movie title is also after her name, “Merry Riana”. Her life journey is full of ups and downs but it made her succeed in career and also others. Here is Check In Jakarta’s interview with Merry Riana, who told us how she can achieve success and how to build other work.

You are already well-known as a motivator and have already given various kinds of seminar here in Indonesia. How does it feel to be a successful motivator and also inspired many people?

I always feel grateful and very lucky to be able to get through many kinds of obstacles in my life. Now, I live in a life full of happiness that I have never imagined. I really hope that my story and everything I do every day will be an inspiration for many people. Because if a person like me can really live well based on my dreams, so does the others.

It can be said that you had faced many obstacles before you reach your success now. How could you face those obstacles to reach success?

For me, life is a challenge that you have to face, a battle that must be won, a difficulty that has to overcome, and a secret you have to dig. In that difficult situation, I have to make a very critical vision. How about my future? How can I established myself if I use my salary to pay my education debt? How can I make my parents happy if I use all my time to work hard so I can pay the debt? Those conditions pushed me to think hard and work hard, I had to find ways to reach my biggest expectation, which is to have financial freedom at the age of 30. When I already had my savings, I also tried a few businesses. Started from trying to develop MLM (multi-level marketing) to stock purchase. I failed in a few businesses I tried, until I chose financial consultant field. This choice at the end took me to a great battle but fits my characters at once, which are never give up and committed to my goals. At the age of 26, I successfully earned 1 million Singapore dollars. It was a great achievement. I succeeded at having a financial freedom before I reach 30. The point is work hard, never give up, be discipline, and pray.

Success is a thing that everyone in every age wants to achieve. Do you have any “special recipe” on how to be successful at young age like you?

I always have this philosophy: think big – start small – move fast. To me, it can be applicable in our life. So, not only we have to dare to dream big, we also must be willing to start from small things. It is not going to be a problem, as long as we are willing to move fast and don’t consider too much, because there is no perfect timing and there is no perfect moment. So, think big – start small – move fast. I apply it every day. Because I believe whatever our profession and whatever the business is, as long as we do it sincerely there will be the way. We have to be brave to have a big dream and achieve the impossible.

Aside from being a motivator, a radio host on The Merry Riana Show, a writer, and your story made into a movie, you also have Merry Riana Learning Centre. Can you tell us about it?

Merry Riana Learning Centre is a center for self-development for 9-19 years old children, for now we have several programs. First, School of Public Speaking for 9-19 years old children, it’s for developing confidence, to master many ways of communication since early stage, also to draw people’s attention and motivating audiences. Second, Life Academy, also for 9-19 years old children, this is more to self-development and life skills. Our curriculums are designed to equip children with holistic learning, which focused on 4 main studies in self-development which are money, relationship, learning, and character. Money, is designed to give learning about financial to your children like how to save money, how to positively use their money, investment, and knowing that money is not the most important thing but can affect important things in life. Relationship, the ability to appreciate and love parents and other people, also learn about public speaking with confidence which is an important and a must have skill for children to be success at school, future career, and in life. Learning, the reason why many children feel that studying is hard and boring is not because they are not smart but they have not learned about ‘how to study right’. We believe that every child, including yours, has potential to reach top accomplishment at school and in life. Character, focus on guiding your children to develop their high confidence to act and make decisions, also character development to be a tough person and not giving up easily.

Who is your source of inspiration? Why do you like him/her?

Oprah Winfrey. I look at her as a woman who used to have a hard life. But she does not succeed only in her career, but on the other side she also wants to give inspiration to the people in the world through her talk show, magazine, and foundation. Inspired by Oprah, I’m not only a speaker in Indonesia, but I also have a radio show called: The Merry Riana Show, Merry Riana Campus Ambassador, and I also write books. Being a motivator is only one from many mediums that I’m doing right now.

Tell us your motto in achieving success!

Don’t just be yourself but be your best self. It means that I will have to keep going and develop what I already have and I will always focus on it. 


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