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Bekasi will be Joining with Jakarta?

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
04, September 2019

Lately, discussion about Bekasi which will be joining with DKI Jakarta was raising the roof. There is pros and cons among community in both cities. As reported by CNN Indonesia, Bima Arya, Mayor of Bogor proposed a formation of new province named Bogor Raya which Bekasi was included in one of its regions.

Unfortunately, Rahmat Effendi, Mayor of Bekasi hopes Bekasi can join with province of DKI Jakarta. According to Rahmat Effendi, based on cultural history, Bekasi closer to province of DKI Jakarta. Rahmat Effendi also said there should be a survey or polling and approval from central government regarding this discussion.

It is not surprisingly if Rahmat Effendi hopes Bekasi can join with Jakarta because Jakarta has an abundant budget. In terms of quality, transportations in Jakarta way more better than its supporting cities. Integrated transportations in Jakarta include commuter line, TransJakarta, MRT and LRT make people who live in Bekasi and work in Jakarta easier to reach their offices.

Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan believes central government has an absolute decision to determine territories. Furthermore, there are some values need to be considered regarding joining of Bekasi and Jakarta include geographical, economic and so forth before deciding whether necessary of not if Bekasi joins with DKI Jakarta.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani