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Benefits of Buying Your Skincare Products at Sociolla Store

By Eskanisa R

22 October 2019

Sociolla Store, Instagrammable store for best skincare and beauty products in Jakarta.

Calling for beauty enthusiasts diving into skincare and beauty products! One of the most complete and most trusted skincare and beauty products sites in Indonesia, Sociolla has several offline stores in Jakarta you can easily visit like at Lippo Mall Puri.

Located on the UG Floor of Lippo Mall Puri, Sociolla store provides different experience through combination technologies, both online and offline. For those who already have an SOCO (Sociolla) account, you can use rewards, reading a lot of reviews, and find your perfect skincare products suit your skin needs. So, is there any interesting thing they offer? Check this one out!

1. Skin Shelf

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Before entering the store, make sure you already sign in to the SOCO account by scanning the barcode on the Sociolla store. Within seconds, (application) connect to product recommendations suit your need. To provide convenience during your ‘journey’ to find perfect products, Sociolla store has a skin shelf. Resemble to room powder completed with large mirrors and rows of products, here you can try skincare products before purchasing.

2. Beauty Bar

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Along with paradise of skincare (Skin Shelf), Sociolla store also provides a beauty bar, where you can find a myriad cosmetics and try them out to find your perfect shades even take a lot of sefies here in front of Instagrammable mirrors.

3. Rewards

After finding your skincare and beauty products in this large area which has been marked according to the type of products, you can earn points just like you do purchasing through their online site. The more often you do purchasing, more rewards you can get. You can even spend it back at any Sociolla stores. Sounds great? Invites all of your friends to find their best skincare and beauty products here!

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UG Floor Lippo Mall Puri, Puri Indah CBD,Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11610

Open Hours:

10.00 – 22.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 50821956