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Benefits of Coffee Detox for Health

By Eskanisa R

01 October 2019

Three benefits of coffee detox for health.

Nowadays, coffee shops are mushrooming across Jakarta. This related to culture of drinking coffee which actually existed for a long time ago. Many studies claimed benefits of drinking coffee for health including reducing risk of diabetes type II.


But, you need to remember there is a safe caffeine limit per day. If you find yourself drink too much coffee (more than 2 – 3 cups a day), you probably have nausea and headache. Therefore, it is necessary to go coffee detox for your health.

1. Improve Your Sleep

People believe caffeine helps them to focus and get more energy. However, if you are not sipping your coffee a day, it will help you to improve your sleep at night. The reason is caffeine lasts at least 5 hours in your blood. If you sip your favourite ones in the afternoon, it probably keeping you awake at night.

2. Improve Your Mood

Even it is believed to increase your focus, excessive coffee drinking cause anxiety, lack of sleep at night which drive you nuts. If you can go with coffee detox at least a whole week, it helps you to improve your mood caused by lack of sleep and anxiety. You can try to consume more fruit and mineral water if you find yourself craving for caffeine.

3. Keep Your Mouth Healthy

You probably find coffee enthusiasts have yellow teeth. It is simply because compound of Tannin in coffee cause staining in your teeth. Growing Tannin in your mouth for a long lead to yellow teeth, that is why coffee enthusiasts have yellow teeth than non-coffee enthusiasts or people who naturally have more yellow teeth than others.

Along with that, acidic in coffee weakens tooth enamel and cause staining. While your teeth enamel is week, it is easily to Tannin to stick and change the original colour of your teeth. Coffee detox will help you maintain tooth enamel to keep it strong and not easy stained.


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