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Benefits of Credit Cards for Financial Wellbeing

By Eskanisa R

03 August 2020

Credit card has many benefits as long as you use responsibly.

Photo source: Pixabay
Nowadays, credit cards are currently used to measure lifestyle of urban people. Besides the easy instalment, this buy-now-pay-later payment option has advantages as long as you can use a credit card responsibly.

1. Efficient
As reported from, credit cards provide safe, efficient, and comfortable shopping experience where people do not need carry amount of cash or find ATM to withdraw before shopping. Hence, the risk of being a victim of robbery can be minimized.

2. Promo
Credit cards also offering diverse promos including 0% instalment, promo as well as cashback for your needs. However, before deciding to buy some stuffs with low tempting prices, ensure you really need those stuffs. Use the cards responsibly.

3. World Currency
As reported from Tokopedia, travelling with credit cards could come in handy for all things that may occur including requirement to exchange foreign currency. It simply because you can use credit cards for any transaction when travelling abroad. Every transaction will be converted into rupiah automatically to make you easier calculating all of expanses when travelling abroad.

4. More Value for Online Shopping
If you need buy something online, do not bother to go outside and pay with cash. Credit cards help you minimize risk of fraud. For example, if you find something suspicious when surfing on the internet to find your dream stuffs, you can contact credit card issuer to decline the funds you already paid. You can find this advantage on other payment selections.

5. Spending Tracker
Another advantage of having credit cards is spending tracker which becomes fastest way to rack up debt. All your monthly statements would give you the perfect check and balance as they appear in fully detail where you have spent your money.

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