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Benefits of Gardening at Home

By Isny Dewi R

17 August 2020

Gardening at home even has positive effects on mental health.

Photo source: Pexels
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, gardening has become one of the most favorite activities for people who spend a lot of time at home. Using various methods, gardening can not only help people meet their needs for vegetables, but can also make their homes more beautiful.
Launching, gardening even has positive effects on mental health. According to psychologist Ratih Zulhaqqi, MPsi, gardening can give a satisfaction effect because people will get the results from what they plant. Gardening also gives a sense of happiness to those who do.
"There is a feeling of satisfaction when you see the plants grow fast and can be consumed. So we know the vitamins that we give to the plants are healthier. Especially for women who are proud to be able to do that. Because they grow faster. Two weeks and we can harvest it. So psychologically, there’s a feeling of happy when we’re doing that," said Ratih, quoted from Detik Wolipop, on Thursday (30/7/2020).
She also added that gardening at home can also relieve stress or tires. “During we #stayathome, like it or not, parents have to looking for activities that are not make them bored at home, one of those is gardening. So it's like greening. I'm just happy that in one house there are lots of fresh green plants. And it turns out to be a stress release," continued Ratih.
For parents, gardening can also be used as an alternative activity with their children. This activity can distract them who play gadget a lot during #stayathome.
"We #stayathome a lot during the pandemic, and in the end children are playing gadgets more often. If we invite them to gardening, they also have new activity that is more exciting. Especially today where there are so many gardening equipment for children, with cute colors. So you can make family project," she added.

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