Benefits of Shallots You Can’t Miss

Benefits of Shallots You Can’t Miss


1. Relieving Pain in Your Ear
Have you ever feel a continuous pain in your ear? Instead of getting medicine from pharmacy, try shallots as a natural medicine. Cut it into two, take the center part, and put it in your ear. Let it sit overnight and the inflammation in your ear will reduce.

2. Can Cure Cold and Flu
Shallots have anti-bacterial substance that can kill virus. The phosphoric acid in shallots can get into the bloodstream through the surface of our foot which acts as a connector to the nervous system and organs. Slice the shallots thinly and put it on your foot. Tie it up and let it there until the next day.

3. Help Balancing Blood Sugar Levels
Shallots contain sulfur and flavonoid which are known to help lowering blood sugar levels. Consuming at least 2 ounces of shallots everyday can give you significant changes. With low blood sugar levels, the chances of heart attack are also getting smaller.

4. Treat Symptoms of Asthma
Antioxidant named quercetin in shallots can work to reduce inflammation. Quercetin is also proved to prevent cells from producing histamine which excreted as an allergic response. Besides that, quercetin is also believed can help relieving respiratory system.

5. Extend the Life of Tooth
Eating raw shallots can give you a bad breath. But on the positive side, it can help to kill dangerous bacteria that can decay your tooth. Chewing shallots for 2-3 minutes can eliminate most of the bacteria in mouth.