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Benefits of Silica Gel You May Not Know

By Eskanisa R

02 September 2020

Do not throw away, see what they can do.

Photo source: Pixabay

These small drying beads form of silicon dioxide commonly found in bags, shoes, medicines or any other items need to be dried. Silica Gel has capabilities to absorb and remove moisture. Aside from keep your bags and shoes dry, here are other benefits of silica gel that you may not know.

1. Prevent Rust
You may find your rusty razors after first and second used. To save your money, put silica gel in a plastic container where you store the used razors. Silica gel has drying agent that drinks up moisture to prevent rust. After being used up to eight times, you can replace the silica gel with new ones. It also effective to remove moisture from metal tools.

2. Prevent Mould
Aside from preventing mould on your bags and shoes, silica gel also effective to absorb water that causes mould on your cosmetic products and tools. Simply put one or two packs of small silica gel packets in container or makeup and cosmetic pouch.

3. Prevent Fogging
Those who like snorkelling or diving must be familiar with waterproof camera. Unfortunately, this type of camera damaged easily due to humidity and lack of maintenance. If you want your waterproof camera to stay in good condition for years, make sure to clean the camera as soon as possible after an enjoyable snorkelling or diving session using water only and place a packet of silica gel inside the (camera) bag to absorb the moisture.

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