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Benefits of Watching Horror Movie for Your Body

By Eskanisa R

18 April 2019

Benefits of watching horror movies for body.

It will be great to spend your weekend watching your favourite movies with family and friends. One of most popular genres is horror, however, people say big no to horror because they afraid. In fact, watching horror movies have good benefits for your body.

1. Get Rid of Stress

When watching horror movies, your body helps release some hormones, including cortisol, stress hormones. If your stress hormones increasing, it will cause anxiety, depression, digestive problems to heart disease. The adrenal glands become more active and hormones to fight stress will be released while watching movies.

2. Burn Calories

As reported on Boldsky, watching horror movies help burn up to 200 calories. That statement supported by research of University of Westminster, compared to other genres, horror movies help burn up to 113 or equivalent a 30-minute walk.

3. Release Emotions

Along with jump because of scary movies, people are usually yelling while watching it. When you shout out loud, your heart tend to more active, just like those who running around. It also makes blood flow more smooth and steady. That is why, watching horror movies can make people healthy because it helps them release emotions. But, remember this, if you are easily scared, there is no need to force yourself to watch horror to get rid of stress, burn calories or release emotions.

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