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Benefits of Your Favourite Daily Chores while #dirumahaja during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

08 April 2020

What's your favorite daily chores while #dirumahaja? Check these benefits for your mental health.

Do you already find your favourite daily chores while #dirumahaja during pandemic of COVID-19? For those who usually spend 8 – 10 hours a day to work, #dirumahaja during this pandemic hits different. There is a bunch of free time you can use to do some fun activities which you might have not done before and become your favourite one. These fun activities actually have a lot of benefits, is your new hobby included?

1. Cooking

For those who rarely spend their time in the kitchen, you might enjoy this moment to cook your favourite dishes. It simply because this one has a lot of benefits, for mental health pointedly. Cooking is a right media to express feelings. People use to express their ideas while cooking which make every single step feel more enjoyable. Along with that, it also helps people who have difficulty to socialize to feel more confidents.

Every step of cooking help people feel calm and relax. When you cook, you need to focus on what is in front of you, for example slicing onion, cutting meat, and so forth to help release your anxiety and stress.

2. Singing

Do you like to sing? It is good news for you! Along with help you release stress, singing also has benefits for mental health. Reporting from, singing is a complex activity involving a lot of parts including brain to breathing techniques.

Singing help your body release oxytocin also known as love hormone. This hormone helps stimulate production of breast milk after gave birth. Along with that, oxytocin also improving communication skills of people with autism as well as improving pleasure feelings.

3. Watching Movies

Last but not least is watching movies. This could be favourite activity of most people while #dirumahaja. Those who like watching horror movies should be happy because it has benefit for your brain health. Reporting from horror movie trigger brain to release chemical compounds such as dopamine, serotonin, glutamate and adrenaline which has anaesthetic effects such as medicine to reduce anxiety.



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