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Beredeng Bridge, a Glass Bridge in Tangerang You Should Visit

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02, August 2019

For Tangerang people, you don’t need to go far to Yogyakarta or China if you want to feel the sensation of taking pohots on a glass bridge. Because you can get it at the Berendeng Glass Bridge. Inaugurated in February 2018, the bridge immediately made Tangerang residents flock to come here.

The Berendeng Glass Bridge itself connects Tangerang area or Benteng with Gerendeng and is right above the Cisadane River. "Not all of the bridge was made of glass, considering this bridge will be used for vehicle tracks as well. So, only in the middle, just the right and left sides. It was deliberately given for photo locations and people could also see the beauty of Cisadane River from various sides, "said the technician of the Berendeng Bridge, Dadang Suprapto, quoted from

No need to worry about the security, the Berendeng has met the standards, both from the type of glass and its resistance to weather and visitor's weight. The bridge can hold around 60 people with a maximum load of 80 kg per person. And it's about five meters above the river. Visitors who stand on it can see the Cisadane river, quite thrilling but exciting.

Of course, the Berendeng Glass Bridge is a favorite spot for taking some photos. The glass bridge with the Cisadane river as a background, surely makes your photos look stunning. To take pictures here is free, but you have to take off your shoes to keep the glass clean. If you are satisfied with taking pictures above the Cisadane river, don't forget to visit the park around the bridge to relax.


Photo Source: @nuurfauzi_

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.