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Visit the Oldest Monastery in Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

07 Feb 2019

Dharma Bhakti, oldest temple in Jakarta.

In Jakarta, you will not run out of ideas to visit thousands historical tourist attractions, one of them is Dharma Bhakti temple. Located in Chinatown Glodok, West Jakarta, Dharma Bhakti becomes the oldest temple in Jakarta.

Reported from Indonesia Travel, Dharma Bhakti temple was built in 1650 named Koan Im Teng (Pavilion of Koan Im) by Kwee Hoen. If you are looking its building from outside, there is nothing special. Right after walking through the main door, you will find quiet place with prayers, even there is no celebration at all.


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The main entrance is decorated with two round windows on the left and right side, Chinese letters on pillars, dragons and Hong birds, which are believed to bring your prayers to the God.


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Walking through the main door, you will see an altar for prayers with thousands of red candles. There are also giant red candles in the main area surrounded by prayers. Along with candles, you will find statues made of gold, such as statue of Lou Han, the goddess Kwan Im, the god Guan Di, goddess Ma Co Po and others goddess and god.

There is also a prayer room for visitors who want to share their prayer with god and goddess. After send the prayers, visitors should shake some kind like a box up to release numbered tiny logs. The number on the logs will give an answer to the prayer.

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Wihara Dharma Bhakti
Jalan Kemenangan III, Petak Sembilan No. 19, Glodok, Jakarta Barat

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