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Best 5 Jamu Benefits for Skin and Health

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
12, July 2018

Some people consider jamu, traditional Indonesian herbal medicine as familiar drink that has a great amount of health and skin benefits. Here are 5 types of most popular traditional Indonesian herbal drinks and its benefits.

1. Kunyit Asam

Made of turmeric, tamarind, palm sugar and a little pinch of salt, this kind of herbal drink becomes one of most popular herbal drinks that has a great amount of skin and health benefits. Kunyit asam also known as turmeric tonic helps to relieve menstrual pains, lose body fat, prevent unpleasant smell and boosting stamina. Vitamin A and C have potential to reduce acne.

2. Beras Kencur

Kids as well as adults will enjoy this kind of herbal drink, beras kencur. Made of white rice, Kaempferia galanga, ginger, tamarind, turmeric and palm sugar, beras kencur is not only tasty also making your body feel more refreshed. Along with those benefits, beras kencur helps to reduce acne, lighten skin and stop excess sebum production.

3. Pahitan

Unlike the other herbal drinks, pahitan has a unique taste. Pahitan is a herbal drink with very bitter taste made from daun sambiloto (bitter leaves herb) as main ingredient helps to prevent the unpleasant smell, lower diabetes risk, get rid of dizziness also tame excessive gas. Other ingeredients like brotowali (medical plants has bitter taste after boiled) and fennel help reduce acne.

4. Sirih

Having same taste with jamu pahitan (herbal drink with bitter taste), sirih also known as Betel leaves have a great amount of health benefits, like get rid of black or brown menstrual blood. While you consume betel leaves herbal drink during period, your black or brown caused by stress, depression or use of medications will be throw out. Along with that, this herbal drink also helps prevent the unpleasant smell, white stool as well as to lighten skin naturally.

5. Temulawak

Curcuma zanthorrhiza also known as Javanese ginger or Temulawak has a substance name curcumin, an active property help increasing your appetite. Along with curcumin, this herbal drink also has other active properties like atsiri oil and antioxidant effective to prevent arthritis and stomach ulcers.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani