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Best 5 Movies on Disney Plus Hotstar

By Isny Dewi R

08 January 2021

Some good movies on Disney+ Hotstar.

Photo source: Instagram @disneyplushotstarid
This weekend you just want to be home? To make it even more fun, you can spend your day off at home by watching some good movies on Disney+ Hotstar. Want to know what are those? Check them out!
1. Soul
This animated movie, which has released since 25 December 2020, tells the story of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) a school band teacher who dreams of becoming a jazz musician. Often times, his dream ran aground on the way. Until finally, Joe got one chance to show his skill at a jazz club. He managed to perform brilliantly and received an offer to perform again.
After accepting the offer, Joe decided to go home. However, an extremely unexpected incident happens. Joe have an accident into a coma. Upon awakening, he finds himself in a different form, soul. Joe was then led through the stairs to a place called The Great Beyond. However, he refused and chose to leave. While trying to escape, Joe fell into The Great Before.
The Great Before is a world where souls develop personalities, and traits before going to earth. There, Joe meets 22 (Tina Fey), another soul who is reluctant to be sent to Earth because she has a bad view of life. Before being sent to earth, Joe and 22 had to run some trainings. Can Joe finish training quickly before his body on earth dies?
2. Sabar Ini Ujian
The film, which premiered exclusively on Disney + Hotstar, tells the story of the time loop that Sabar (Vino G. Bastian) experienced when he came to the wedding of his ex, Astrid (Estelle Linden).
Photo source: Instagram @vinogbastian__
It turns out that Astrid's future husband is Sabar's former best friend. Previously, Sabar, Astrid and her future husband came from the same school. Sabar and Astrid have actually been dating since high school. On his wedding day with Astrid, Sabar did not come, because he was afraid and had trauma in the past about make a family.
Sabar, who doesn’t want to come to Astrid's wedding because he could not move on, was forced to come at the insistence of his friend. The wedding ceremony for Astrid and her husband went smoothly.
After attending his ex's wedding, Sabar came home and slept. Unfortunately, he wakes up on the same day, which is Astrid's wedding day. Sabar himself doesn't know what really happened. Unfortunately, the time loop keeps happening.
Sabar has done everything, from trying to ruin the marriage to trying to let Astrid go. But still that day was repeated. Sabar also tried hard to find a way to stop the time loop. Did Sabar succeed in stopping it?
This two-hour film also stars a number of well-known stars such as Luna Maya, Ananda Omesh, Rigen Rakelna, Ananta Rispo, Anya Geraldine, and Dwi Sasono.
3. Mulan
After having postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney decided to release a live-action film Mulan on Disney Plus Hotstar streaming service, which has officially been premiered since December 2020.
Photo source: Instagram @disneyplushotstarid
This film tells the story of a Chinese heroic woman named Mulan. It is said long ago, the Chinese empire was attacked by the Huans. That's why every man is obliged to join the military service. At that time, there was no other man in Mulan's family besides her father, while her father was seriously ill.
In order to save his father's life and protect his family's dignity, Mulan decided to join the military service, replacing her father. She then disguised herself as a man. Her disguise was not recognized, Mulan succeeded in joining the military forces and run war training like a man. However, Mulan's disguise did not always go smoothly, she had to face many obstacles, until finally Mulan was chosen to join the battlefield.
4. Di Bawah Umur
This film by Emil Heradi is based on a novel of the same name by Erisca Febriani. Di Bawah Umur raised the theme of the dynamics of youth life. Angga Yunanda and Yoriko Angeline are lined up as the main characters.
This film tells the meeting between Aryo (Angga Yunanda) and Lana (Yoriko Angeline). Aryo is a handsome and popular student, but often gets into trouble at school. He often fights with his former best friend, Kevin (Naufal Samudra). Although he often acts up, Aryo is a son who loves his mother (Dian Nitami) very much.
Photo source: Instagram @disneyplushotstarid
One day, Aryo meets a new student at his school, Lana (Yooriko Angeline), who is beautiful and smart. Aryo was immediately attracted to Lana from the first sight, and tried to approach her. But Lana is often indifferent, because she still has wounds from her past. But Aryo was not discouraged, so that Lana's heart gradually melted away.
Unfortunately, when Lana started to open up, Aryo got into big trouble that tested their relationship. Aryo is accused of impregnating his best friend, Naya (Greesella Adhalia). Lana was again disappointed and heartbroken. Is it true that Aryo impregnated Naya? How is the fate of Aryo and Lana's relationship? Watch the story on Disney Plus Hotstar.
5. Godmothered
This comedy fantasy film made its debut on Disney Plus Hotstar on 4 December 2020. Godmothered starring Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher. The film's story is set in a magical world called Motherland, a world where fairy godmothers train to help fulfill human desires.
Photo source: Instagram @islafisher
Eleanor Fay Bloomingbottom (Jillian Bell) is the youngest fairy in Motherland who is still an amateur and loves handicrafts. One day, she gets the news that their school will be closed because no human is expecting anything anymore. Instead, they were asked to learn to be tooth fairies.
Not trusting the news, Eleanor checks the assignment room and finally finds a letter from a girl named Mackenzie Walsh (Isla Fisher). She also intends to help realize the 10-year-old girl's hopes secretly.
Luckily, Eleanor is assisted by Agnes (June Squibb), the oldest student in Motherland. However, Agnes warned about the consequences that would happen from their actions. If they caught, their school will actually be closed. Not only that, their powers will also be stripped from them.
Because her determination was made, Elanor still decided to go to the real world, specifically to Boston, to help Mackenzie. Unfortunately, when she met Mackenzie, she was no longer the young girl that the letter said. Mackenzie is now a 40-years-old single mother, with a sad life. So, what about Eleanor's plan to help Mackenzie?

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