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Fine Dining

Best 5 Romantic Restaurants in South Jakarta

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19, February 2019

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary but haven't found any ideal place to make it happen? Check In Jakarta has a recommendation of five romantic restaurants in South Jakarta that you can choose.

1. Kila Kila by Akasya
From the name, maybe you already know that this restaurant belongs to Akasya Catering, which was already popular through its catering service. The restaurant provides fresh, open-air vibe of traditional-yet-modern with an exquisite view of Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District. The rooftop restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere, making Kila Kila as a great attraction for the working crowd surrounding the establishment, and for those who want to enjoy the best moments with their loved ones.

At the entrance, you will be captivated by an array of eye-catching yellow paper pinwheels, swirling merrily to the rhythm of the wind. With a total capacity of 100 guests, this SCBD restaurant Is divided into its indoor and outdoor area, boasting a combination of traditional aesthetics with a contemporary and chic ambience, as well as romantic atmosphere.

Photo Source: @kilakilajakarta

The menu at Kila Kila by Akasya ranges from a traditional selection of Indonesian soups to deliciously garnished succulent meat dishes, expressing the restaurant’s passion for Indonesian heritage. You should try their Tumis Bunga Pepaya (Rp 50.000) served using a small stainless pan. The papaya flowers taste crispy savory and there is no excessive bitter taste. The chili slices and a little anchovy make it more delicious.

Kila Kila by Akasya
Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, SCBD, Gedung Lot 4 - 7th Floor, South Jakarta
Phone Number: +62 811 171 3577 (WA only)
Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 11.00 – 23.00, Fri – Sun: 11.00 – 00.00 WIB

2. Sofia at the Gunawarman
This ine dining has neoclassical style architecture with contemporary art deco touches. There are dark marble pillars framed with golden panels that support the restaurant's high ceiling. Wooden walls decorated with geometric panels also beautfy the restaurant creating warm atmosphere.

But the architectural pride here is high windows with curves on top, mae the atmosphere feel dramatic. The furnitures are equally charming. Each table has a golden table lamp. The atmosphere might make you think of The Great Gatsby movie (2013) played by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Photo Source: @thegunawarman

For the dishes, Sofia at the Gunawarman offers a wide range of western food, asian food especially from Indonesia, with Western-style presentations. With a romantic and luxurious atmosphere, this restaurant at The Gunawarman hotel is perfect for those wanting quality time with their partner while enjoying upscale dishes

Sofia at the Gunawarman
Instagram: @thegunawarman
Address: The Gunawarman, Jl. Gunawarman No. 3, Senopati, South Jakarta
Phone Number: +62 813 9460 5349 (WA Only)
Opening hours: Breakfast: 06.00 – 10.30, Afternoon Tea: 14.00 – 18.00, All-day Dining: 11.00 – 23.00 WIB

3. Wilshire Restaurant
Wilshire is located in Senopati street at the second floor of Colette Lola. You can up the stairs in front of the building to the second floor, and then you will be greeted with a very charming atmosphere of the restaurant. The interior design is very lux, classic yet pretty at the same time, and the big rose pattern tiles on the wall and table are beautiful. A rather dark lighting creates a romantic atmosphere.

Wilshire’s food and beverages are representing an amalgamation of cultures in Los Angeles. Filled with a cultural mix, this fine dining offers various fusion dishes from Western to Eastern that can satisfy the appetite of many people. The foods combining local flavors with international cuisines to represents Wilshire boulevard ambiance at Los Angeles.

Photo Source: @wilshirejkt  

Wilshire Restaurant
Instagram: @wilshirejkt
Address: Jl. Senopati Raya No. 64, South Jakarta
Phone Number: +62 821-1222-3325 (WA only)
Opening hours: Mon: 17.00 – 22.00, Tue – Thu & Sun: 12.00 – 22.00, Fri & Sat: 12.00 – 00.00 WIB

4. Henshin
Henshin is part of The Westin Jakarta located in Gama Tower, the tallest building in Jakarta . To reach this restaurant, you must use a special elevator from the Westin lobby. The elevator will take you to the 67th floor without stopping. Henshin itself is divided into three areas, a bar and lounge area on the 67th floor, the dining area on the 68th floor, and a private room on the 69th floor. There is an elevator connecting those three floors, but the Insta-worthy glass staircase is a pity to miss.

Dominated by wood, the Henshin interior combines simple Japanese design with a contemporary touch, making a warm and intimate atmosphere. Even on weekends, this restaurant is dominated by couples who want to enjoy dinner dates.

Your moment with your partner is even more special by tasting the Nikkei as your main dish. The Nikkei itself is a term for a combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines have existed since centuries ago after a massive migration of Japanese to Peru.

Instagram: @henshinjakarta
Address: Level 67, 68, 69 The Westin Jakarta, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C-22, South Jakarta
Phone Number: 0878 0002 8008
Opening hours: Bar & Lounge Sun – Thu: 17.00 – 01.00, Fri & Sat: 17.00 – 02.00 Nikkei Dining & Private Dining Every day: 18.00 – 23.00 WIB

BASQUE: Bar de Tapas offers a thick Spanish feel and a little Japanese touch. This bar promises a nightlife experience that you have never felt before. This bar provides comfortable seating with 200 capacities, as well as a place for dancing or a broad standing party. With a glass roof and windows that can be opened, you can enjoy the city view.

Overall, BASQUE presents a cheerful and semi-casual atmosphere, but also warm and intimate. Perfect for those who want to celebrate their anniversary or simply enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

If you come here, try ordering Spiced Steak, Seafood Paella, or Cocida Lamb Shank. Those three dishes are made by a professional chef who had joined El Celler de Can Roca, a restaurant that holds three Michelin stars and was nominated as the best restaurant in the world in 2013 and 2015 by Restaurant Magazine.

Instagram: @basquejkt
Address: 8th Floor, Noble House Building, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta
Phone Number: 021 2978 3111
Opening hours: Mon & Tue: 11.00 – 01.00, Wed & Thu: 11.00 – 02.00, Fri: 11.00 – 03.00, Sat: 10.00 – 03.00, Sun: 10.00 – 01.00 WIB

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