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Best Addictive Kopi Susu Literan You Should Try

By Eskanisa R

10 August 2020

Quench your thirst with these affordable iced coffee milk starts from Rp60.000.

Photo source: Rainbow Baker

Iced coffee with milk is definitely there as a trend for any coffee connoisseurs. Even a lot of coffee shops offering a new type of iced coffee milk to enjoy whenever you are in a large amount which also perfect to accompany your #stayathome moment due to Coronavirus. So, here are five best affordable iced coffee milk in Jakarta we curated just for you.

1. Rainbow Baker

Photo source: Rainbow Baker

If you need a refreshing choice of iced coffee with milk, try this coffee jelly from Rainbow Baker. A combination of delicious iced coffee milk with tasty and soft jelly will definitely pamper your taste buds. Rainbow Baker has two variants of coffee jelly, strong and creamy ones which available in two sizes, one-liter, and 250 ml. For order, please click here.

Photo source: KROMA
In regards to large-scale social restrictions, KROMA provides a one-liter iced coffee milk choice in their latest menu for inexpensive cost start from Rp85.000. You can taste one-liter delicious iced coffee milk through GoFood and Tokopedia. Besides ice coffee milk, KROMA also has other mouth-watering drink choices including Chocolate Milk and Coconut; a perfect combination of coffee, cocoa, and hazelnut in recyclable bottles. Quench your thirst while protecting the environment!
  • Address: Jl. Dharmawangsa X No. A20, South Jakarta
  • Opening hours: 8am – 10pm
  • Instagram: KROMA

3. Kopi Soe

Photo source: Kopi Soe
To enliven one-liter iced coffee milk, Kopi Soe caters coffee connoisseurs to enjoy their one-liter coffee milk (Soeliter) for Rp85.000. With inexpensive cost, you can enjoy flavourful coffee with milk made of best beans and brown sugar.
Kopi Soe also offering other variants including Es Roegal; made of Regal biscuits, Es Kopi Rum; coffee and rum, Es Cokelat (iced chocolate), Es Soekurma; milk and dates and Es Soekurma Jahe; a combination of milk, dates, and extract ginger. For better taste, enjoy your choices of one-liter drinks within three days. And for every Soeliter purchased, Kopi Soe provides a free cloth mask for Gojek driver to ensure their health as well as hygiene of your orders.

4. Animo Bakery Culture Bakery
You can visit their shop at Cipete or simply order through Tokopedia to enjoy iced coffee with milk and delectable pastry and bakery they offer. Along with Es Kopi Susu, Animo also has other variants—Es Kopi Moka and Es Cokelat—for Rp85.000 to Rp95.000 per bottle.
For the sweet tooth, you can also enjoy their bundling packages at very affordable prices like Combo Kopsus 4 bottles (save up to Rp80.000) for only Rp300.000, Combo Es Kopisus Le Aren with 2 Butter Croissants for Rp110.000 or Combo Es Kopsus with ½ oz donuts for Rp120.000.
  • Animo Bread Culture Bakery
  • Address: Cipete I No. 6A, South Jakarta
  • Instagram: Animo Bakery

5. FamilyMart

Photo source: FamilyMart
FamilyMart is a Japan’s convenience store offering super affordable one-liter coffee with milk only for Rp60.000. Even it cost cheaper than other coffee shops, it has a deliciously nutty taste. If you like the strong taste of iced coffee, you should order Kopi Susu SeKeluarga. But, if you need more creamy and sweet iced coffee, go for its Dolce Latte with the perfect amount of sweet condensed milk.
FamilyMart also has other variants for the same price, Rp60.000 which are Premium Chocolate, Americano, and Green Tea Latte. For those who have no time to visit their stores, can order through GoFood, Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli.

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