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Best Android Apps in 2018

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
19, December 2018

Android is the world's most popular operating system and has a gigantic ecosystem of apps with more than 2 million applications on the Google Play Store, but having so much choice often means that it’s hard to find the essential apps, the ones that truly enrich your experience in a meaningful way. That's what this selection of essential Android apps aims to do, help you discover the very best of the platform without the tiresome trial-and-error.

1. Browser App: Brave Browser
If you are tired of the conservative look and functionality of Google's otherwise excellent Chrome browser, you might want to try one of these alternative solutions that will give you some variety. Brave Browser is a relatively new kid on the browser block that is based on Chromium and has a ton of useful features (including you can set it up to forbid websites from tracking you on the web). It's a lightweight and simple browser that gets the job done.

2. Email App: Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
Gmail is the best Android email client for most people, but if you are just not content with the interface or some other aspect, there are great alternatives as well. Microsoft's Outlook that bundles functionality with great looks and added value.

3. Calendar App: Google Calendar
Most people would only need to use the excellent Google Calendar, it has all views that you need. Google Calendar has color codes that allow you to sort and filter through your events in a glance, and you can just type Dinner with friends at 7pm tomorrow, and it will automatically add this to your events with the right time. Google Calendar is free and works great.

4. Music Streaming App: Spotify
Spotify needs little introduction. The Rp 50.000 per month (Spotify premium) music subscription service allows you to listen to more than 20 million songs unlimited and ad-free. You also have Spotify free which requires no paid subscription, but introduces ads and limitations.

5. Wallpaper App: Wallpapers by Google
Sadly, most phones these days do not come with nearly enough customization options, and often the choice of wallpapers built on the phone is very limited. Luckily, there are some wallpaper apps on Android that can really make your screen come to life and feel personal. Wallpapers by Google is one of the best options featuring a selection of trendy wallpapers including catchy Satellite view of our beautiful planet Earth.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.