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5 Best Baby Stores Online for Parents

By Isny Dewi R

25 August 2020

You don't have to pacing the aisles of overcrowded searching for the perfect baby products, when from the comfort of your home, you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Photo source: Nynne Schrøder - Unsplash
Are your parents who currently have a baby? Or do you want to give a gift to a friend or relative who just gave birth? If so, then you don't have to pace the aisles of overcrowded, massive department stores searching for the perfect baby products, when from the comfort of your own home, you can just click around to find exactly what you're looking for.
We've compiled a list of the best baby stores to shop online. Take a look below!
1. Birds & Bees
The idea for this shop came from the owner's personal experience as a mother. Where at that time, she did not find a store with a modern and cozy concept but offered a wide variety of unique, high-quality products at affordable prices. Carrying the slogan “healthy, happy baby,” this baby store online selects products selectively to provide the best choices for your baby needs.
Birds & Bees offers various kinds of baby equipment such as baby clothes, breastfeeding utensils, tableware, etc. This store also features well-known brands such as Jack N Jill, Avent, Bugaboo, Chocolate, Roleplay, and more. Birdsnbees also often provide attractive discounts which of course can save your money.
2. Babyologist
Unlike other baby stores, Babyologist is an online community platform for mothers and parents in Indonesia that provides a place to share information, education, experiences, and reviews from fellow parents and experts.
To maintain the quality of content, any content submitted by members will be curated by the Babyologist editorial team and will be published after the content is confirmed in accordance with applicable regulations.
Each member's content that has been published, the member will get Rewards Points that can be collected. These points can be seen on My Loyalty Points page. Rewards points collected can be exchanged for various maternal and baby supplies available on the Catalog menu.
3. Babyzania
This online baby store is famous for its products that are guaranteed to be original and have the best quality. Babyzania is ready to meet the needs of mothers from their pregnancy until the baby is born and grows.
This online store sells baby equipment ranging from diapers, baby food, stroller, toys, baby clothes, baby cots, baby lotion, to face masks for children with cute motifs. There are thousands of products with the best choices that you can choose from. Babyzania is also known for its ease of payment process. You can use a virtual account, credit card, or even a digital wallet to make payment.
4. Tororo
Established in 2013, Tororo is an e-commerce site that offers a variety of baby needs such as milk, diapers, and other categories such as cutlery and bottles, baby baths and skincare, clothing, and shoes, waterproof sheets, baby toys, and mother care.
At Tororo, you can choose based on your child's age, equipment category, and color. Interestingly, this e-commerce also provides Tororo Urgent Service, which is an exclusive 24-hour service for Tororo customers in the Jakarta area. With this service, you will find it easy to get the items you need as quickly as possible if you are in an urgency, even at midnight.
5. Orami
Previously, Orami was known as a parenting platform, however, now it has begun to expand into e-commerce which specifically sells various needs of mother and child. The categories available on Orami website include:
  • Fashion
  • Baby activities & traveling
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Diapers, creams & baby wipes
  • Eating, breastfeeding and complementary foods
  • Baby & child care
  • Toys, media & hobbies
  • Mother's needs
  • Nursery furniture
  • Special nutrition

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