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Best Cheap Smart TVs for Streaming

By Eskanisa R

06 January 2021

Top of the range choice at very affordable prices start at Rp 2 million.

Photo source: Tom's Guide
Smart TV market growing on the production simply because pandemic forced people to stay at home and encouraged to watch movies online. Besides ensure to give you HDR content, smart TV also used for gaming and running smart features today like watching YouTube. What are best smart TVs for streaming worth buying? We rounded up vary resources and find these following answer for inexpensive smart TVs worth buying.

1. COOCAA 40S5G 40”
COOCAA is a Shenzhen-based company known for its modern television with advanced technology and inexpensive price. To answer millennial and Z generations needs, COOCAA providing 40 inches smart TV with advanced features including infinity display for wider screen, full HD panel for detail and brighther colors, Android 8.0 system works with Google Assistant to do more tasks like control your TV with your voice, DTS TruSurround to capture and translate audio data at higher level than Dolby sound as described on BukaReview. All advanced technology cost around Rp3 million.

2. Mi TV 4A 43”
Xiaomi is a Beijing-based company primarily manufactures smartphones and developing internet of things (IoT) including smart TV. Brought to you the 43 inches smart TV, Mi TV A4 which cost around Rp3 million, this one came with Android 8.1 system has beed modified then created a friendly user interface, Patchwall, 8 GB internal memory for games and downloaded dramas, movies or even series, 51 languages including bahasa Indonesia and built-in applications for Google Play, YouTube, and Catchplay as described on Gizmologi.ID

3. TCL 32A5
TCL is a Chinese state-owned company providing interesting product to make your own ‘movie theater’ at home. TCL 32A5 as Android TV platform for Rp2 million give a frameless impression through full screen design with a very thin screen bezel. The HD resolution screen also equipped with micro dimming to boast good reflection and ensure your eyes don’t hurt while binge-watching.
The beautiful visual also supported by Dolby Audio to optimise sound for whatever you’re wacthing to. Using same Wi-Fi network, you can also watching vary content from your smartphone to your screen.

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