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Best Choices to Invest During the COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

21 June 2020

If you are not sure to start investing, here are some recommendations.

Photo source: Pixabay
The COVID-19 curve in Indonesia has no sign to flatten which leads to uncertainty economic problems until now. Most of us probably just realizing the importance of long-term financial management to deal with unexpected phase like this. Then, one big question comes to our mind, is it still safe to invest during the COVID-19?
As long as you can choose best investment products which do not harm your primary needs then the answer is yes. Here are investment recommendation you can choose amidst COVID-19.

1. Gold
Even before COVID-19 became worldwide epidemic, gold in form of jewellery or bar were chosen as perfect product to invest with a sizable profit, especially bar ones. You can buy gold when you have enough money and sell when price of gold rising or at least when you are facing a cash crisis.
Choose the providers wisely, either you buy at shop to get physical form or through the e-commerce which offering digital gold saving and buying system. Buying or saving gold from e-commerce could sounds easier but you also need to consider important things including credibility, price, and the ease to get physical form of your gold to prevent fraud.

2. Deposit
In spite of the fact that resale value of deposit is not as high as gold, deposit is considered as a minimal investment product which guaranteed by Deposit Insurance Agency of bank you choose to keep your asset safe. However, deposit can only be hand out after a fixed maturity date. If you are forced to withdraw the asset before maturity date, you need to pay penalty. 

3. Property
Nowadays, process of purchasing property is getting easier, either housing loans or KPR or subsidies from government for simple type houses with more affordable prices. As quoted from, government has renewed regulation for subsidized housing or flat for low-income people. In other words, people with maximum income 8 million rupiahs can have subsidized house or flat based on Minister of PUPR Decree No. 242/KPTS/M2020. 

Property is a non-liquid asset. In other word, it is probably not easily sold. But, remember, property value will also increasing afterwards which makes this product is perfect for long-term investment.

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