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Best Destinatons in Indonesia that Must Be Visited After COVID-19 Pandemic

By Isny Dewi R

11 June 2020

Photo source: Pixabay
Do you have a wishlist after the COVID-19 pandemic ends? Is traveling one of them on your wishlist? If it’s so, let Check In Jakarta help you by giving recommendations about several tourist cities in Indonesia that you should visit to eliminate fatigue after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Check the list below!
1. Pacitan
One of the regencies in East Java is located in the southern part of Java. The number of caves in Pacitan made it dubbed as the city of 1001 caves. Even so, the regency is not only offers the beauty of its caves, but also the beaches on the south coast and the river are so amazing. Even many foreign tourists are interested in visiting Pacitan to enjoy its natural beauty to test their adrenaline by surfing.
Some natural attractions that you must visit when visiting Pacitan include Buyutan Beach, Pangasan Beach, Srau Beach, Soge Beach, Kasap Beach, Banyu Tibo Beach, Karang Bolong Beach, Maron River, Kali Congkel, Grojogan Duwur, and Goa Gong.
Photo credit: Instagram @ricsnt
To get to the hometown of the former president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, you can use AKAP bus to Pacitan. You can also use a long-distance train then get off at Solo or Jogja, and continue the trip by get on a bus to Pacitan.
2. Kebumen
You can say Kebumen is one of the hidden 'gems' in Central Java. Located on the south side of Java, tourist destinations in the regency are also dominated by beaches. However, Kebumen also has other natural tourist attractions that will leave you spellbound.
Photo credit: Instagram @trendych
Some tourist attractions in Kebumen that should be on your bucket list include Bukit Pentulu Indah, Bukit Jerit, Menganti Beach, Watu Bale Beach, Surumanis Beach, Van Der Wijck Fort, Sempor Hill, Bukit Senuk, Bukit Hood, and many more.
To get to Kebumen from Jakarta, you can choose to take the train and get off at Kebumen Station.
3. Flores
The island which is in the administrative area of ​​East Nusa Tenggara is perfect for you who want to escape from the modern civilization in big cities. As the name suggests comes from Portuguese which means "flower," nature in Flores is indeed as beautiful as blooming flowers.
Most people may only know the Komodo National Park or Labuan Bajo as tourist attractions in Flores. In fact, there are many beauties presented here starting from the exotic waterfall, Cunca Wulang; the crystal clear natural hidden pool at Goa Rangko; remote village in the mountains containing charming traditional houses in Wae Rebo; rice fields that look like spider webs in Cancar Village; to Mules Island which is so exotic and famous as a surfing paradise.
Photo credit: Instagram @giskheke
To get to Flores, you can use a plane that serves flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Or if you want to save money, you can board a PELNI ship from Bali, but with a longer travel time of course.
4. Berau
Located in East Kalimantan, Berau regency has a lot of exotic places that will leave you stunned like the Derawan Islands.
Derawan Islands has at least four islands that are familiar to tourists, including Derawan Island with its clear sea water and white sand; Maratua Island, the outer island with Goa Haji Mangku which is so charming in it; Sangalaki Island, a small paradise that is a natural habitat for green turtles; and Kakaban Island which is so amazing with lakes that dominate this place.
Photo credit: Instagram @mazayagalva
In addition to being home to exotic small islands, Berau also offers other beauty that is quite popular, it’s Lake Labuan Cermin. No wonder it's called Labuan Cermin, because the water is so clear and shiny like a mirror.
5. Gorontalo
According to the local tourism office, Gorontalo is included in the Wallacea region which is rich in biodiversity, high endemicity, and rich in culture. If you plan to travel to Gorontalo, don't miss to visit these five great places:
- Pulo Cinta Eco Resort
You could say, Pulo Love is a tourist attraction that is quite well-known in Gorontalo. The island is often dubbed as the Indonesian Maldives. Initially, Pulo Cinta was only a sand dune that appeared during low tide, until finally several cottages were built on this sand island. Pulo Cinta is perfect for you who want to have a honeymoon.
- Saronde Island
The tourism object is located in North Gorontalo Regency. The beautiful island can be reached by a 45-minute sea journey from Kwandang, in the capital of North Gorontalo. A stretch of fine white sand with clear sea water will welcome you when you arrive on this island.
Photo credit: Instagram @enoviando
- Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park
Generally, tourists who come to this place are interested in seeing the wild life in it. The animal which become the mascot of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park is maleo bird, a type of large-footed bird or megapoda that inhabit this forest.
- Ratu Beach
The tourist attraction offers the beauty of the beach and the surrounding wild life. You can enjoy all of that in a series of wooden bridges made snaking above sea level. There are also some gazebos built for visitors who want to rest.
- Olele Marine Park
The marine park is about 20 km from Gorontalo city center. Olele Beach is famous for the beauty of white sand and clear sea water. Not only that, the colorful corals will welcome visitors who come to dive. Even more special, in this marine park there is an endemic coral sponge that may not be found in any waters. And its existence is very much hunted by foreign divers.

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