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Best Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

By Eskanisa R

16 September 2019

Digital marketing easy tips to get success for your startups.

Digital marketing and startups are two sides of the same coin. Not surprisingly, digital marketing which take the advantage of technology successfully managed to replace conventional marketing promotion. It simply because, all promotion activities in the form of photos, videos, and so forth through social media are proven to be able to reach consumers in glance of the eyes. However, it doesn’t mean digital marketing has no weakness. Here are simple tips you should know to achieve success in the world of digital marketing and startups.

1. Brand Awareness

Besides used as promotion tool, social media can be used to introduce your business (products or services). Every single day, millions of people actively using social media include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so forth. Make your brand known among social media user, make them believe your products (or services) answer their needs. Also make sure you choose right social media which can be easily access by them (consumers).

2. Creativity

Great content is important while doing promotion. Along with that, persuasive marketing strategy is believed to be able to attract potential consumers to buy every single products (or services) you offer. It doesn’t only focus on promotion, but also educational side to provide a lot of insights to consumer as the answer if your products (or services) can solve their ‘problems’.

3. Maximize SEO

With any kind of content and email marketing to give a lot of insights as well as bringing convenience to consumers to buy your products (or services), you can also work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your content top notch when potential consumers are thirsty for information of your products.

Therefore, great content, appealing captions, attractive website are not enough to bring a lot of visitors. At this point, SEO plays an important role to gain traffic to your website. There are several points of SEO which determined ranking of search engine results (using Google) like keyword research. You can maximize free keyword research tools include Google Trends, Answer The Public, SEMrush and so forth to find right keywords related to your content to gain traffic for your website.


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