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Best Family K-Dramas to Binge Watch

By Eskanisa R

13 August 2020

Ready to binge-watching these best family k-dramas this weekend?

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K-drama surely has diverse genres that will keep you entertained while #stayathome including family K-drama which presenting similar stories in real life. Hence, it is not surprising if these following K-dramas received high ratings even keep you crying while binge watch.

1. Reply 1988
This 20-episode family K-drama tells story about friendship, love, and family. Reply 1988 successfully received high rating thanks to the friendship and love story among five main characters which also presenting real life situation with neighbour and surrounding full of joy as well as its bitterness.
This family K-drama starred big names including Ko Gyung-pyo, Ryoo Joon-yeol, Park Bo-gun, Lee Dong-hwi and Hyeri Girl’s Day. Even this drama has been aired in 2016, you can easily stream through VIU and Netflix.

2. Hi Bye, Mama!
Starred Go Bo-gyul, Lee Shi-woo, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Woo-jin, Lee Kyu-hyung and Kim Tae-hee this drama aired February 2020 on tvN. Hi Bye, Mama! Tells story about pregnant woman named Cha Yoo-ri (Kim Tae-hee) who died from tragic accident. However, the baby still alive and raised by her husband, Cho Gang-hwa (Lee Kyu-hyung). After died, Cha Yoo-ri became a ghost yet she got opportunity to live for 49 days. She has to replace her husband new wife, Oh Min-jeong to live with her daughter and husband for a while. The struggle of the ghost Cha Yoo-ri can bring tears in your eyes.

3. Mother of Mine
This drama aired in early 2019 also got a high rating from K-drama fans. Mother of Mine tells the story about a single mother who own modest soup restaurant named Park Sun-ja (Kim Hae-sook) who raised her three beautiful daughter. As time goes by, her daughters had their own lives, until one of her daughter Mi-Sun got married. Even Mi-Sun already had her own family, her mother still help her household. While two other daughters, Mi-Ri and Mi-Hye have careers and help her mother running the restaurant. There is definitely a similarity between the story of this drama and real life. Hence, every episode is worth the watch.
What is first drama you watch later?

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