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3 Best Hangout Places in Pantjoran PIK

By Isny Dewi R

18 December 2020

In Pantjoran PIK, you will find a wide selection of interesting places to eat to visit.

Photo source: Instagram @pantjoranpik
As we discussed earlier, now in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, there is a new culinary tour with thick Chinese nuance called Pantjoran PIK. In it, you will find a wide selection of interesting places to eat to visit. Three of them that you should try are the following:
1. Holywings 24
You could say, Holywings 24 is the most popular hangout place in Pantjoran PIK. Holywings 24 occupies a fairly spacious area with Chinese-style building. Hanging out here you will feel a different sensation. The menu offered is fairly complete. This hangout spot at Pantjoran PIK provides a menu ranging from snacks to heavy meals. Most favorites here are chicken wings and skewers which can be enjoyed together.
Photo source: Instagram @holywings24
Holywings Pantjoran 24
Instagram: @holywings24
2. Kedai Kopi Lay
Kedai Kopi Lay is originally popular in Bandung, but now can also be found in Pantjoran PIK. You will have no trouble finding this coffee shop because it is right next to the iconic Pantjoran PIK gate. Kedai Kopi Lay offers a variety of coffee and tea. For the coffee menu, you can try Peng Kopi, Lay Tarik Coffee, Cino Coffee, or Yin Yang Coffee. Meanwhile for tea there are Liang Teh, Telang Flower Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, and others.
Photo source: Instagram @kedaikopilay
Kedai Kopi Lay
Instagram: @kedaikopilay
3. Maystar
Craving for dim sum? Then you have to visit this place to eat at Pantjoran PIK. Maystar specifically offers dim sums such as siu mai, hakau, and spring rolls. This restaurant occupies a large area, perfect for those of you who want to come together with friends. Maystar also has interesting interior design, which can be used as a place for taking photos.
Photo source: Instagram @maystarpik
Instagram: @maystarpik

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