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5 Best Indonesian Sneakers at Affordable Prices

By Isny Dewi R

31 August 2020

5 best Indonesian brands that you should consider to adding your sneakers collection.

Photo source: Florian Olivo - Unsplash
When we talk about shoes, especially sneakers, maybe some of you will immediately think of foreign brands such as Converse, Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc. However, now people's interest in locally made sneakers is increasing, especially among young people. That's because the quality of local shoes is not inferior to foreign brands. So don't be surprised if some local shoe brands have managed to spread their wings to the international scene.
Here are the five best Indonesian brands that you should consider adding your sneakers collection.
1. Sepatu Compass
You could say, Sepatu Compass is a local shoe brand that is most sought after by young Indonesians today. Shoes that are released are always sold out in a few moments. The high public interest in Compass Shoes is not without reason, given the quality that deserves thumbs up. Each shoe is neatly sewn using a 100% vulcanized technique which makes the sole stronger and more durable.

Photo source: Instagram @sepatucompass
Interestingly, every purchase of Compass Shoes, people also get a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that the product they buy is original. Sepatu Compass is actually sold at quite affordable prices, around Rp 300,000, but because of the high public interest, these shoes are often resold at higher prices.
Instagram: @sepatucompass
2. Brodo
The quality of these local shoes cannot be doubted. Brodo was even chosen as the Official Footwear Merchandise during the 2018 Asian Games. Initially, Brodo was famous for formal shoes with a classic model. Then, this local shoe brand started making other types of shoes, including boots and sneakers, as well as any kind of accessories such as a bag and wallet. For the price, Brodo sells sneakers starting from Rp. 199 thousand to Rp. 399 thousand. Quite affordable, right?

Photo source: Instagram
3. Geoff Max
Founded in 2012, Geoff Max is very popular among young Indonesians because it carries the concept of the old school that has never been out of date. Using the vulcanized method, this Indonesian sneakers brand produces shoes with soles that are durable and can't break easily even if you use it every day.

Photo source: Instagram @geoff_max
The good quality and the design that is not boring also make Geoff Max becomes one of the most favorited sneakers for Indonesian musicians, such as Pee Wee Gaskins, Seringai, and many more. Geoff Max sneakers are priced at Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand.
Instagram: @geoff_max
4. NAH Project
You may be familiar with this local sneaker brand. The name NAH Project soared after President Joko Widodo was often seen wearing their sneakers. In terms of design, NAH Project sneakers are dynamic, unique, and varied, so they match any style. Even though they have been used by the number one person in Indonesia, the sneakers they offer are still affordable, ranging from Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand.

Photo Source: Instagram @nah.project
Instagram: @nah.project
5. Saint Barkley
This local sneakers brand owned by Ami Muhammad started its journey in 2012. By focusing on quality, bringing Saint Barkley to the number one person in Indonesia. Yes, this one brand has also been worn by President Jokowi. By carrying out a streetwear theme, you will definitely not regret buying these shoes because they can support your style. Plus the price is also affordable, which is around Rp. 300 thousand, it feels like these shoes should be included in your sneakers collection.

Photo source: Instagram @saintbarkley
Instagram: @saintbarkley

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